Compassionate, Open-hearted Inclusive Community Mindset:

Exclusion is not the solution. Your culture, ethnic background, or if your skin color is purple is not what is most important. Follow the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated. If you are passionate about making a difference, approaching people with an open-heart and have the willingness to work well with us, that makes us smile. We are a business that looks out for each other’s wellbeing. We don’t need to get too personal about our lives to make conversation. 

Peaceful, Empathetic and Humorous Communication:

Any business cannot succeed if team members cannot work well together without strong, transparent interpersonal communication skills. Having a positive outlook and understanding that passionate people work hard with good intentions and do not make mistakes on purpose is essential. What do we gain from assuming the worst in each other? Nothing. Also, being too uptight is not the solution. Having a good sense of humor with each other leads to enjoying our work which spirals to even greater success.

Heartfelt Work Ethic:

With our aspiration to make a difference in people’s lives and ignite happiness, we believe in working hard, playing hard. Work hard but do it with your heart and soul because that’s what makes life worth living. 

Taking Responsibility of Mistakes and Mindfulness:

We are only human beings. We are not super-humans. Do we have super strengths within us? Yes. We have to focus on our strengths and manage our weaknesses. It is crucial to take full responsibility for our mistakes and learn from them. How else can we come together and lead the business to success?


What is the real path to gain success in relationships? That is the real question we have to start asking ourselves. Listening to each other and adjusting to each others' needs, helps success in business and life! Compromising through collaboration is the path towards peace!


When we take care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally, we feel better about ourselves, which naturally makes our relationships healthier and happier. These relationships can be with anyone from colleagues to bosses to family members. By sincerely taking care of ourselves on a regular basis, this helps the success of the business.